This post is a “Shout Out” to 2 special friends. The first is Greg Louganis who has graciously added me to his web page. Along with being an actress, I am a very outspoken anti-bully advocate. Also, my Mom went to high School with him and we are both trying to get him on abc’s Dancing with the Stars . We started a grassroots campaign on Facebook about 2 years ago and it has grown to over 3,500 members. Greg would be GREAT on the show! Here is a video of Greg that my Mom put together:

My second “shout out” is to friend Paul Maher jr. Paul is the author of several books including Jack Kerouac’s American Journey: The Real-Life Odyssey of On the Road. Paul has photographed me on four occasions and they are literally the best photographs ever. He is also going to launch a new magazine Aesthetic Arrest that will include and article about my adventures. I am very honored to be among others in the magazine such as Helena Christianson and pictures by world’s best photographers. Here is a video that Paul did of me playing in the pool last summer:

Friends make the world go around  – these two are very special to me.

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