‘No childhood storybook romance in film’

 Hi Everyone ! I have attached an article that was recently published on the Toronto Pictures network (link attached). The more I learn about Daria and Bruno – the more impressed I am by their commitment to change the world and make it a better place. I will be playing “Valerie” in this movie – a runaway trying to make it on the streets. You can see my picture below (2nd from right). I have been doing my research on child abuse and runaways  – I owe it to this production and to all the victims of child abuse to bring a great performance. I am also trying to arrange an interview with a runaway who had been living on the streets and currently is at a Boston shelter. I am throwing myself 150% into this role – I might appear to be “in character” on and off the set as we are filming as these emotions are not always easily turned off and on. I am looking forward to joining the crew soon in Brosov and taking my place in history.


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4 responses to “‘No childhood storybook romance in film’

  1. Hi Meredith,

    My name is McCarton Ackerman. I’m one of the writers for the Hopkinton Patch, a community news website that covers all the events and happenings in the neighborhood.

    We want to run a feature profile on you that’s centered around your acting career, as well as the anti-bullying video that you were recently a part of. If you’re interested, would you be available for a brief phone interview sometime this weekend or early next week? Let us know when would be good for you.

    Because you’re still in high school, please just check with your parents to make sure the interview is okay with them. They can reach me with any questions at mccartonjournalism@gmail.com. They can also contact my editor, Gene Cassidy, if necessary at cocoapetey@rcn.com

    Feel free to check out the site to get a sense of who we are at http://hopkinton.patch.com/

    McCarton Ackerman

  2. Boyd McLaughlin

    Although, I may be speculating, it appears you may have been taking a little peek into Strasberg and Stanislovski, and decided to approach your role from the perspective of a method actor. Is this the case? If so, kudos to you.
    Study it, live it, be it……………………your character is not just a character. She is a facet of who you are and represents the plight of the human condition.
    I look forward to other posts young lady.

  3. Beauty is nice and personality/intellectualality important as well. you’ve got all those 3, and more. You’ll be famous also in Japan.

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