Boston actress Meredith Prunty joins cast of film “Mark of the Dog Rose”

I am happy to announce that I will be playing the role of  young Lacey Sullivan in the exciting new production “Mark of the Dog Rose”  Here is a brief description of the movie:

“Time is running out and the odds have been raised. Can Gabe and Lacey save his sister Toni before she too becomes a victim? This haunting thriller will leave an eerie chill down your spine. Evil leaves the Mark of the Dog Rose.”
Promotion photos and more can be found on their Facebook page. Please LIKE while you’re there so you can follow along.  Click on the Promo Poster and the link will bring you there! 


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2 responses to “Boston actress Meredith Prunty joins cast of film “Mark of the Dog Rose”

  1. patrick

    How awesome for you Meredith. I knew you were destined for great things and cant wait to see you on the big screen

  2. Boyd McLaughlin

    Hello Meredith,

    When I opened your link from the May 12th blog, I wasn’t able to get anywhere. I wonder if the link is in need of repair.
    Anyway, congratulations are in order, again. So, Congratulations on landing this next role !! 🙂
    I can only imagine how excited you must be with the prospects of evolving into a substantive working actress as you develop and work your chosen craft.
    From what I understand about you, yours is truly a dream come true. Somehow, I know that you are well grounded and will make the best of all opportunities that come your way. I am quite impressed with your seeming humility and maturity as you begin to experience more roles which will test your limits.
    Break a leg, young lady. I’m happy for you and wish you all of the best life has to offer.
    P.S. Did you guys go to Romania when I was gone to San Diego with my family? If so, how was it? Please, do tell.

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