On the set of “Sexting in Suburbia” the movie about bullying, sexting and high school drama…

Jan, 10, 2012 Update – This movie will be airing on Lifetime TV this weekend. For viewing times please follow this link: http://www.mylifetime.com/movies/sexting-in-suburbia

Check out “Sexting in Suburbia” on IMDB http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4099356/

This week I am playing a high school student on a film about bullying, sexting and all sorts of high school drama. “Sexting in Suburbia” is directed by John Stimpson and staring Jenn Proske and Ryan Hanson it deals with a painful subject of bullying. I play a high school student. I will be back on the set later this week. I understand it will be released for LIFETIME TV early next year and distributed by MarVista Entertainment and produced by Moody Independent out of medford MA.

Andrea Ajemian, a Rutland native who is line producer for the production, said the film is about a college field hockey player who is harassed by her peers and eventually commits suicide.

“It’s a very timely subject, given the incidents that we’ve recently seen,” she said.

Jenn Proske, who appeared in the movie “Vampires Suck,” plays the lead role. Liz Vassey, who was a member of the “All My Children” soap opera cast and who appears in the “CSI: Las Vegas” television series, plays her mother.

Everyone on the set was very professional and I enjoy being on a film that sends a message about teen bullying. I usually play the victim – this time I played a bully.  😦

6-3   Back on the set tonight – this time with my prom date fellow actor Richard Meehan. We had a lot of fun dancing the night away!


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9 responses to “On the set of “Sexting in Suburbia” the movie about bullying, sexting and high school drama…

  1. Boyd McLaughlin

    I’m quite glad that I subscribed to your blog. Had I not, I wouldn’t have the privilege of reading your own story about how you researched for your role.
    I rather enjoyed the paper you wrote regarding ‘Human Trafficking’, and even saved a copy for my mother to read.
    Thank you for sharing and continuing to bring matters of such an illicit and repulsive nature into the social light.
    I, for one, appreciate the hard work you do. Thank you.

  2. Derek Chu

    Good to see you doing so well Meredith and working hard to promote this important movement. Your essay, this and you upcoming movie… its amazing what you’re doing. Makes me feel honored to know you and that you once called me your friend. Keep up the good work and I, along with everyone else here on this blog, hope to see you update soon!

    PS – Have fun in Romania, with the webisode, and if I’m not mistaken about the time… good luck on your finals.

  3. Hey

    are you actually sixteen? you looked a lot younger on the set… and so did your date. no offense though lol

  4. Hey Meredith. I think its so cool that your doing a movie! I am deffinately going to watch it. We need to skype some time so I can see your cute face one more time haha 🙂

  5. Michele

    Hi Meredith
    Congrats to you
    When will this movie be playing on Lifetime?

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