Cheerleading is a sport that I love. When I am not on a movie set or speaking out about social issues – I love to tumble at the gym. It helps me stay in shape for my High School Varsity team and my Cheer Factor level 5 All Star team.



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4 responses to “Cheerleading

  1. Boyd McLaughlin

    Young Ms. Prunty…………it never ceases to amaze me that so many youth in your age range seemingly find it too laborious a task to bring a smile to their faces.
    I know there have been several comments made by various people, including myself, whom have shared the fact that they enjoy your smile so very much.
    It is undeniably the case, that this particular photo of you reveals the most natural and joyous smile I’ve seen you display.
    This photo, and this smile, truly reveal what an inward beauty your mother and father have had the privilege of nurturing over the years. Now, if you can just permit yourself to emanate this degree of joy each time you have a photo taken, there will be very few whose natural love, kindness, compassion, empathy, and gratitude will rival yours.
    Keep up the good work, kiddo. You’re truly a gem stone in the making.

    • Oh Boyd – you are so sweet! I love Cheerleading. I love the crowds, the football basketball games and the extreme tumbling. I am going to do High School AND All Star next year so lot’s and lot’s of smiles!!!

  2. Meredith, You’re a truly talented girl and deserve nothing but the best. Know you always have a friend and fan in Pennasylvania. You go girl…Give them heck 😉

    • Thank you! I am going to do somehting really fun (my Mom suggested it). I am going to duck tape a flip camera to me and then record when I tumble. Should be cool!! Don’t wrry – I will make sure it is very secure. I’ll post the video later on this blog 😉

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