My Virtual Audition!

Hi Everyone! I thought it would be fun to give you a glimpse into my world of auditions.  Auditions can be tough enough , but now try fitting them in to a crazy busy schedule – like I have. Fortunately there are virtual auditions!  I have attached an  ACTUAL audition that I did today for a reality series. My Mom filmed it and put the video together – and then added some recent photos and a fashion shoot clip and presto – audition done! I am going to send this very link to the actual producers later tomorrow so you should all post your comments and wish me luck so they can see what great fans I have! Thanks everyone and Enjoy!!!


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6 responses to “My Virtual Audition!

  1. Boyd McLaughlin

    It takes only the blink of an eye to become aware of the innately positive and wonderful attributes young Ms. Prunty possesses. She has been endowed with a very quick and intelligent mind as well as a level of maturity uncommon to most adolescents in her age group.
    Meredith is keenly aware of her surroundings and has demonstrated an uncanny eye for detail and commitment for the projects she has been privileged with; to say nothing of her commitment to her health and physical fitness.
    I have seldom encountered a young person with the drive and fortitude this young lady possesses.
    It is truly an honor to become acquainted with such a well rounded, thoughtful, kind, and compassionate human being.

  2. Patric

    What I love about Meredith is her compassion. I havent seen anyone with put their heart and soul into what they do with the total commitment Meredith does. She has so much talent and is a joy to watch… She would be a huge asset to your show,and I know you wouldn’t regret if you brought her on board. Best of Luck Meredith and I just know that if you get this role, you’ll make them proud of your performance. Best of Luck to you 🙂

  3. I loved your audition video Meredith! You are a natural for the camera and I love everything that you stand for against bullying. I also think you have a great view of the world and obviously want to change things for the positive. I loved your photoshoot and your cheerleader moves and wish you every success with the reality show! Much Love, Paul OXOXOXO

  4. Brenda Meehan

    Just watched the audition, looks great. Wishing you all the best with this one….

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