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My STARmeter and what does it mean?

The International Movie Database  (IMDb) is important to actors. The STARmeter  is a ranking system on IMDb, and it is updated weekly. The ranking system was created and is managed by IMDb and they alone determine how every movie and actor are ranked based upon a complicated equation. For example – this week the new Harry Potter movie “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:  Part 1 (2010) was just released and it shot to the number one position. The key actors Emma Watson,  Daniel Radcliffe, Bill Nighy, and Richard Griffiths (to name a few) also are in the top actor slots this week.

So how does IMDb affect me and how can you help?

Each time someone visits a person’s IMDb page it has a positive effect on that person’s STARmeter.  So, any time someone goes to the IMDb page to Like it, that action automatically has a positive effect on the STARmeter because it involves a new  page view. Also. the number of views  on my IMDb page week after week and get the positive effect each time.  So VIEW away!

Of Course the most important thing is being in movie -which is the fun part as I love to act.  All credits are good but the big budget  movies really bump up the rating. I have a few of those types of movies that are going to be added to my list soon but are not on there as of yet.

When I had my first movie posted last year, I was ranked at 356,987. Now my rank varies from 22,000 to 25,000.  My goal is to break the top 10,000 this year. With another movie and a little help from my friends – it might just happen! 

P.S. If you have an IMDb account – posting on my page helps. If you post on my page a comment – I will return the favor. Thanks!


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Chop Chicks – a ridiculously funny Webisode and…I am in it!

Not only do I play Cocoa – one of the three super cool Chop Chicks but somehow we end up with magical powers and have outrageous fights with really bad thugs and (rumor has it) perhaps even a big ugly Troll! We shot Episode One, Two and Three over the last 2 weeks and the production provided me with a few stills. I also attached the link to the Chop Chicks Facebook page (Click –>> Blue Chop Chicks Poster). More updates coming to this post as I receive more info. It has been really a lot of fun on the set with my fellow Boston Bean Teens – I am really looking forward to seeing the webisodes and I hope they make a BLOOPER tape, OMG! We laughed so hard! Ashley Jermaine (Sunflower) and Karli Rose Watson (Diamond) are pictured below with me (Cocoa). Together we make up the Chop Chicks! I will post the episodes as they come available. 🙂

 Here is Teaser#1

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What is a Martini Shot?

The Martini Shot is a movie term for last shot of the day. Sometimes it can be a very long day and there have been times I am on the set till very late into the night. This is a picture of me looking very tired while waiting for “The Martini Shot”. I can only imagine the comments from people when everyone see’s this one. lol


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Break-Up Watch – a Sandra Miska Film

Some of my acting experience has been from volunteering to help graduate students at the local Universities. Boston, Massachusetts is one of the premier education capitals of the world with both Emerson and Boston University both having outstanding film programs. One of the first films that I did was called “Break-Up Watch” where I played a very talkative sort of ditzy student “Anna” in a cute Facebook relationship story. I like to look at and critique my performance to see what I could have done better – even though it was my first role – there will always be opportunity for improvement.   I went to the premier for this film on Friday, July 1st and it was great to see Sandra again. A lot of the cast has moved out to LA to play in the BIG time Hollywood scene so they weren’t able to make the premier – but it was great to see Sandra and some of the crew again!!  Sandra Miska is going to submit the film to the IMDb database as a “Short” under Boston University so that will add another credit to my official resume. I attached the film and a picture from the premier.

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