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My VIV moment – an article on my anti-bully efforts. Please read and share!

Very happy that VIV magazine is helping me spread the anti-bully message by publishing this article. They have over 350,000 global subscribers and are published out of San Francisco, New York, London, Taipei, Barcelona. Please share with any of the links below to help send this powerful message that bully’s won’t be tolerated.  Please CLICK on the picture  for the link to the article.


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My University of Iowa Campus Tour!

One thing I love about my Aunt Mo and Nanna is their love for spontaneous travel.  Just last week I was talking to them about a few of the schools that I wanted to visit and next thing you know – I am jumping a jet to Iowa to visit the UI campus and take a tour. The conversation that triggered this trip focused on a great cheerleading video that I saw that showed a lot of the “behind the scenes” workouts and what they(the cheerleaders) do to stay fit. I really liked their focus and spirit.  I am interested in possibly continuing my cheerleading in college and it would be fun to be a part of the  UI Cheerleading Team and really get the crowd motivated during the football games (If you look further on my blog, you will find a post on cheerleading). So when Auntie Mo asked if I wanted to visit I jumped at the opportunity!

Just as an interesting fact – both my maternal grandmother (Donna Glee Reim)and grandfather (Robert Frank Harvey) graduated from UI.  I will  be a sophomore in High School next year and I really want to start getting the feel for the different universities. Although I am an actress and having a lot of success at the moment (reference my IMDb page) – I also realize that the acting business can be fickle. So I want to have a dependable job and nursing is my first choice because I enjoy helping people.

I really learned so much on my tour and  it was a wonderful visit. The people are so friendly not only on the campus, but all around the state of Iowa.  My tour guides were Aaron and Adam Parker (coincidentally brothers) and they were filled with all sorts of great information. They also made my tour fun. I added some of the information in my film (attached below)and here are some more facts I learned:

1. ACT preferred (UI created it!) SAT OK too

2. First come first serve for financial aid

3. You can apply anytime after finishing your junior year – there is a rolling admission.

4. Earlier admissions get first choice on dorms (They all look great but it would be fun to choose first!)

I will be visiting other universities and blogging about them too. The University of Iowa is a great school and I can see why they  say UI is all about Tradition, Ambition, Exploration and Inspiration. Next on my list is UCLA and UT.

Also – a big “shout out” to my cousin Richard See who is the Organizational Consultant for Faculty Staff and Services for the University of Iowa. Hope you enjoy my video and for more information about me, go to!


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Discover New Stars! Up-and-Comers on IMDb & I made the list!

As reported on

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