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Google…Search On. Actress and anti-bully advocate Meredith Prunty.



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New #Cheerleading uniforms!!!

I attached a quick clip of me and my team cheering at a recent High School football game. I love cheering at the games and it is fun to have the crowd cheer with us. One of my favorite quotes is: “In other sports, if you miss the catch, all you drop is the ball”  In cheerleading, it is important to always be focused. I am a “Base” so my responsibility is to ensure that our “flyer” is secure and safe. We need to always work together as a team and it helps to be strong.  I hope you enjoy the video clip! 🙂

Yes I’m a cheerleader, yes I’m an athlete, yes im a girl, gotta problem with that? 🙂

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What do you think of my first “Demo Reel”?

An actors “Demo Reel” is a very short film clip  that showcases an actors talents and helps convince the casting agents and producers to hire them. I have been waiting  patiently for enough of my movies  to be released so that I can create my first  “Demo Reel” but as of this writing there is just not enough film footage yet. That being said, I decided to create a very small demo reel just for the purpose of showing how I look on camera. This was a fashion shoot that I did for a production called “Chop Chicks”. I hope you enjoy it and I hope to have a demo reel with more substance in the next few months or so. Please let me know what you think by commenting below. Thanks ~Mere


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