The Boston Marathon 2012 – Videos of all the runners!

Hey everyone! So usually I talk about my adventures in the entertainment world (my life on movies sets, films, etc.), my anti-bully advocacy, and sometimes even my cheerleading but for this post,  I decided to write about a tradition in  my home town of Hopkinton….the Boston Marathon! It all starts in my hometown and my favorite part is cheering people on and watching all the crazy costumes. When I was small I would sit on my Dad’s shoulders and the runners would Hi-Five me as I leaned into the crowd. Speaking of a crowd, we taped the entire marathon so if you ran it, check out all the videos below. Oh – and I forgot to mention the other fun part of the marathon – when people throw off their outer clothes – this year I was lucky and had a very cool blazer land right by me. Yes, I scooped it up! If you ran the Boston Marathon today, you should be able to find yourself in one of the videos below. Enjoy the show and for more information about me, click on the picture right below the videos. Enjoy!! ~Meredith Prunty


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8 responses to “The Boston Marathon 2012 – Videos of all the runners!

  1. Meredith,
    Thanks for the excellent videos of the 2012 Boston Marathon. My training was interrupted this year (kidney disease) and I had to defer till next year even before the heat problem arose. I now have a year to train for next year. Your videos are well done and motivational.
    I can’t wait to high five the boy in front of your camera in 2013.

  2. Patrick et FlorenceBrosé

    Hello Meredith
    We comes from France and my husband was running the marathon this year, i thank you so munch for this video, like this he can see how is running and how is the race with the view of spectator. i m not sure you understand my english so good but i m so happy to see this video and i want to tell you. Bye bye and thank you so munch.

    • I am happy you can see your husband running! I have the actual video so it would be easy for me to take a picture and send it to you if you would like. I would need to know what video and what time to take a frame still for the picture. For example: Video:Mens Elite time 1:25 marathon number 437. Let me know if you want me to take the picture and e-mail it to you 🙂

  3. Curtis

    Hello, these are great. exactly how far from the start line were you? I ma running Boston for the first time this year and I am interested to see how congested it is at this point. Thanks

    • I took these 6/10ths of a mile from the start. Good luck with your run in April 🙂

      • Curtis

        Thank you for the information. I was able to find the exact spot in Google earth. I was also able to see/find several of my friends who ran last year. This is great information on what the pack will be like at that spot.
        Thanks again.

      • Curtis

        Just a not to thank you again. Our group had a great time and were all safe. I filmed with a gopro and a head mount. I got all the way to mile 25 when the battery died. I real bummer as I ran a great race. I need to get it all edited and posted. Such a great race with so much support.

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