“Sexting in Suburbia” a Lifetime movie – Movie Stills

Last summer and before I was a member of SAG, I had the opportunity to work on the movie  “Sexting in Suburbia”.  I have written a previous post on my experience on this  set and how wonderful the Producer, Director, Cast and  Crew were and now that the movie is available on DVD, I was able to capture a few stills where I appeared in the background. Background work is a chance to gain experience and exposure. I am not 18 so typically a lot of the actors that they hire to look like teenagers are 18 plus “to look younger”. This affords the production more flexibility. Also – a lot of the movies I did prior to becoming a member of the Screen Actors Guild was for IMDb credit and meals – no pay. It open doors and helps to gain experience. I was happy to be a part of this production and met some really fun people who I have stayed friends with since the filming. I like to share a bit of reality when it come to gaining experience in the movie industry so people know that it really isn’t all big bucks and glamour. At some point – I hope it will be but for now, I am happy to be a part of all official SAG/AFTRA opportunities. I welcome your comments to this post – is it informative – and interesting?

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