About Meredith…

Meredith Prunty lives just outside of Boston, Massachusetts near the starting point of the world famous Boston Marathon. Meredith is an enthusiastic and energetic cheerleader, SAG actress and anti-bully advocate who was introduced to the world of acting when she stared in the theater production of “Huckleberry Finn”. Meredith so enjoyed acting that she convinced her mother to let her act in all sorts of projects including local University student projects and Independent Films.

Creativity runs in her family genes as Meredith is a direct descendant of Hugh Prunty, the paternal great-grandfather of The Bronte Sisters.

Meredith has continued to build her resume in Boston based productions “Grown-Ups 2”, “The Way, Way Back”, “Backmask” and “Labor Day” as well as the current production of “Cheerleaders vs. Rednecked Zombies” 

Meredith starred in and received global recognition for her poignant performance in Michael and Marisa’s anti-bully music video “The Same”. Meredith plans to continue broadening her resume by appearing in films, music videos.

Meredith has a valid passport and is available to travel.


3 responses to “About Meredith…

  1. Ann Coathupe /Petal

    I look forward to following your exiting trip on this blog . Have fun

  2. A quite successful actress in Germany, whom I actually didn’t even recognize at first, when I saw her at the set, asked me to give my own daughter, what she felt, was the most important advice for her future as an actress:

    “Never forget that you are always the least person at the set. Each and every helping hand there stands above you and deserves your highest respect. They do all the work. You are just the girl that speaks the lines an other soul wrote. Though they are from your mouth, it wasn’t your mind that found them and not your hand that wrote them down. Make sure these words get what they deserve and make them become something from your heart at least, – by having one.”

    And guess what: Everyone there just loved her so much. Where ever she went, she was so welcome, not for her name and fame, but for her kind interest in anyone and every little thing there.

    She never said: “I did this, or that.” or “Get me this.” Or complain about anyone or anything. She would smile and say: “Thank you for helping me do this.” Wander off and get a cup of coffee for the freezing boy holding the reflector screen.

    What an amazing and decent woman.

    She also told me this helped her to calm down, act natural in front of the lens.

    Oh, and she told me a very important trick:
    Memorize everyone’s name you get introduced to or talk to at the set! VERY IMPORTANT. All these people have names and it helps to repeat it when meeting them for the first time. Never call anyone “you” or “hey” – use their names. Make them feel important enough for you to keep their name in mind. Shouldn’t be the hardest task for an actor, after all memorizing is nearly the biggest part of the job anyway.

    All the best for your future in a tough business kind people can only make better.

    • Thank you for taking the time to write this. I read ALL of of my comments and especially like the wisdom this gives me. I have been in background enough that when I am on a big set (like Abused in America) I am going to make it a point to say hi to EVERYONE. Adam Sandler came out on the set of “I Hate you Dad” and said hi to all the teens and it meant the world to us. Everyone on the set is as important as the next. Like a bunch of little bumble bees working together to make honey. By the way – I had an Avatar in There.com when I was eight. Her name was Bluebob. I had so much fun building with my PAZ and hoverboarding. Ynaga made me a hoverboard with my dog Zack on it. I will be back when There reopens!!

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