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Joining the cast of “Borderline” a film by Jason Bachand

I am happy to announce I have joined the cast of “Borderline” is a film by Jason Bachand currently in pre-production.  The story is centered on Gaston Monteau, a recently widowed librarian who struggles with profound depression and guilt. Click on the picture to find out more about this dark comedy thriller.

Release date: TBA 2012

 Also – here is the PR release:
Putnam, Connecticut – January 29, 2012The Borderline production team is positively thrilled to announce the casting of Meredith Prunty in the role of Megan. Meredith, a SAG actress, comes to us with a wealth of experience and exceptional acting talent. The role of Megan is probably the most challenging in the film. It requires absolutely the right balance of frustration, love, and angst to make Gaston’s character arc believable. When we saw Meredith’s audition tape, we knew immediately we had a performer with the raw spark and exuberant passion to be our Megan.A Boston native, Meredith is a veteran of the stage and screen, having appeared in productions of “Grown-Ups”, “Shattered Silence”, “Milkweed” and most recently Donny’s Boy starring Adam Sandler. Meredith also co-produced, directed and starred in the popular web series “Chop Chicks.” She’s also well known for her activism and stance against bullying and child trafficking. She starred in and received global recognition for her poignant performance in Michael and Marisa’s anti-bully music video “The Same.”

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