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Break-Up Watch – a Sandra Miska Film

Some of my acting experience has been from volunteering to help graduate students at the local Universities. Boston, Massachusetts is one of the premier education capitals of the world with both Emerson and Boston University both having outstanding film programs. One of the first films that I did was called “Break-Up Watch” where I played a very talkative sort of ditzy student “Anna” in a cute Facebook relationship story. I like to look at and critique my performance to see what I could have done better – even though it was my first role – there will always be opportunity for improvement.   I went to the premier for this film on Friday, July 1st and it was great to see Sandra again. A lot of the cast has moved out to LA to play in the BIG time Hollywood scene so they weren’t able to make the premier – but it was great to see Sandra and some of the crew again!!  Sandra Miska is going to submit the film to the IMDb database as a “Short” under Boston University so that will add another credit to my official resume. I attached the film and a picture from the premier.

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Very happy “Elegy” came out. This awarding winning Boston University short film by Hailee Romain was made using very few words to tell the story so I had to rely on emotions. I enjoyed the challenge and love the end product.  I enjoyed volunteering for Boston University student films and have done two (2) so far. It is fun to work with the future filmakers and it gives me great experience.

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