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2011 in review – Crunching the numbers of my blog…

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 8,500 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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2011 – a year in Review :)

A year ago I gave this blog as a present to myself. A lot has happened in a year most of which I have captured here in 41 posts, videos and pictures. I appreciate everyone reading and commenting and never would I guess that this blog would have generated close to 10,000 views. I put together a year in review video. I hope you enjoy it. I also have to give credit to my Momanager (a term used to describe a Mom who is also a Manager). She has helped me with all the administrative details on this blog, my facebook fan page, Youtube, Twitter and my IMDb page.  Happy Holidays everyone and lets all have a wonderful 2012! ~Meredith


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Boston Entertainment News – Meredith Prunty

Recently I was interviewed by Hopkinton Television Station HCAM. There are two versions of the interview. I attached the short edition as the long edition is not available yet. I enjoy talking to the media because it gives me an opportunity to discuss my acting career but also the social issues that trouble me such as bullying and child trafficking.  Additional interviews are scheduled with various media outlets so stay tuned!


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Boston’s Meredith Prunty Headed For Movie Stardom

This is an article from the Hopkinton Patch http://hopkinton.patch.com/articles/hopkintons-meredith-prunty-headed-for-movie-stardom

Meredith is off to Romania to film ‘Abused in America.’ This Hopkinton High School cheerleader got noticed making a video and hopes this new role will further her career.

By McCarton Ackerman |

 After several years of pounding the pavement and going on auditions, Meredith Prunty has scored the role of Valerie in the major motion picture, ‘Abuse in America.’ Meredith Prunty
Photos (4)


 Name: Meredith Prunty

Age: 15

Grade: Freshman

School: Hopkinton High School

Accomplishment: After several years of pounding the pavement and going on auditions, Meredith Prunty has scored the role of Valerie in the major motion picture, Abuse in America, which is based on real stories of child abuse. She will be leaving in days to begin shooting in the Romanian city of Brasov.

“I’m so excited about the opportunity,” said Prunty. “It’s perfect as well because I prefer more serious roles, although I’m obviously taking whatever comes at me now.”

Key to Awesomeness: Throughout her burgeoning acting career, Prunty has been inspired by her grandmother, Donna, a former psych nurse who began going on acting auditions after retiring in her 70s. Donna has since gone on to score a Screen Actors Guild card by appearing as an extra in movies including Pink Panther 2 and Real Men Cry.

“Both she and my mom have been so incredibly supportive throughout this,” said Prunty. “If I ever have a question about a role or anything else, they’re happy to help out. I couldn’t have done this without them.”

Prunty’s role in Abused came largely in part through her starring role in Michael and Marisas anti-bullying music video, The Same.

Initially on set as an extra for the day, Michael convinced the director to have Meredith take on the role of a student who is bullied. The video has since gone on to appear on CNN and Yahoo!Kids, and even reached as far as dek-d.com, one of the most popular web sites in Thailand.

“The success of the video was totally unexpected for me,” Meredith said. “I was expecting some hits on YouTube, but certainly not for it to go global. A lot of people have recognized me because of that video.”

Prunty is also an active participant on the varsity cheerleading team at Hopkinton High, having taken part in the state championships earlier in March.

“I come from a gymnastics program and already had the tumbling down, but cheerleading is way more fun for me because there’s a whole support system involved,” Prunty said. “Between cheerleading and acting, that’s pretty much my life at this point.”

More here:


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Updates on Romania film production “Abused in America”

Hi everyone! I wanted to share the updates on the film in Romania. The author of this information is producer Daria Trifu. I am really excited about Rollywood!!!

Updates from Daria Trifu:

Until now:

  • We signed the world distribution contract for ABUSED IN AMERICA;
  • we took the first legal steps to open the BRASOV FILM CENTER and the BRASOV INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL & MARKET;
  • we have reserved the on-line domain for ‘Romanian Hollywood’: www.rollywood.org
  • we have generated extensive media interest nationally and international interviews regarding our activity in Romania are being requested;
  • we are close to concluding a $1.85 Billion investment deal: international finance has been approved; few technical things are missing:

Allocation of Funds: i) $350m to bring, under our control, the Romanian film industry to international Hollywood standards of production and profitability; ii) $1.5bn to create 150,000 micro enterprises for unemployed women and youth (release of the funds will be from bottom up);

Our targets:

  • produce ABUSED IN AMERICA. Shooting scheduled to start: April 11, 2011
  • create the BRASOV FILM CENTER: the work starts the day ABUSED IN AMERICA completes filming. Scheduled opening of the Center: Spring 2012
  • create the BRASOV INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL & MARKET: the work starts the day ABUSED IN AMERICA completes filming. Scheduled 1st edition of the Festival/Market: July 2012
  • conclude the international finance deal of $1.85 Billion: Scheduled to take place anytime in April 2011.

Select List of Articles/Press pick-ups:







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