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Happily ever after is just a song away…

Today is the first day of summer and one year ago today I attended the spectacular Red Carpet Premier of “Elle: A Modern Cinderella Tale”. I met producer John Dunson and some of the cast, got to ride in a limo and rub elbows with the rich and famous! I was also  treated to a concert by the band “My Hero” who really rocked the house!

I put together a video of the event which I am sharing now. I wore a spectacular pink dress sprinkled with sparkles. I still had my braces on too – I am so thankful they are off now! I am looking forward to more red carpet premiers this summer. I will be attending one in July for my Boston University short “Break-Up Watch” and hopefully a few more – I am not certain when all the movies I have been in are going to be released. I love dressing up for the premiers and hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed attending this event!  

For more information click on the promo poster above. The DVD for this movie is now available – it is a fun “must watch” movie!

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‘No childhood storybook romance in film’

 Hi Everyone ! I have attached an article that was recently published on the Toronto Pictures network (link attached). The more I learn about Daria and Bruno – the more impressed I am by their commitment to change the world and make it a better place. I will be playing “Valerie” in this movie – a runaway trying to make it on the streets. You can see my picture below (2nd from right). I have been doing my research on child abuse and runaways  – I owe it to this production and to all the victims of child abuse to bring a great performance. I am also trying to arrange an interview with a runaway who had been living on the streets and currently is at a Boston shelter. I am throwing myself 150% into this role – I might appear to be “in character” on and off the set as we are filming as these emotions are not always easily turned off and on. I am looking forward to joining the crew soon in Brosov and taking my place in history.


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