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Inside #Cheerleading #Magazine Most Valuable Cheerleader (MVC) Meredith Prunty!

Inside #Cheerleading #Magazine Most Valuable Cheerleader (MVC) Meredith Prunty!

I am honored to be chosen as one of the MVC for Inside Magazine.
Inside Cheerleading is designed to help us enjoy, train, perform, compete and live cheerleading to the max! There are profiles of cheerleaders at the school, All Star and College level, coverage of events and competitions, Style Watch, plus the latest news and inside buzz. I really enjoy IC ūüôā

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October 23, 2013 · 3:56 am

2012 #MSSAA #Cheerleading Fall State Championship and our journey to #Cheersport Nationals!

MSSAA Fall 2012 State Championship

I am so excited that my team, the varsity¬†Hopkinton Hiller’s¬†won a bid to Nationals being hosted by Cheersport¬†Cheerleading and Dance competition¬†in Atlanta, Georgia. I actually was¬†at Cheersport¬†last year for my¬†All-star¬†team Cheerfactor¬†and can’t wait to go back. It is an amazing and incredibly¬†exciting¬†event with literally thousands of cheerleaders and spectators attending and this year they are expecting over 900 teams! Cheersport¬†is run with such precision that all the hundreds of team perform on-time with every detail organized and in place.¬†Cheersport¬†also¬†holds one of the quickest awards ceremony¬†I have ever witnessed.¬†Cheer Nation descends on Atlanta, Georgia and we sort of take over the city. Atlanta is the perfect host city with so much to offer. Hundreds of restaurants like The¬†Hard Rock Cafe are there and the hotels really¬†roll out the red carpet. We stayed at one of the Marriotts¬†and the service was first class. ¬†Last year while I was walking through the city,¬†I even¬†ran into a film crew on one of the side streets where they were filming¬†¬†the show¬†“The Walking Dead”. I have been on enough sets to recognize the big equipment¬†and know what is going on so I quietly removed myself before I ended up between the camera and actors. The CNN headquarters is also¬†located there and if I have the time this year – I would love to have a tour of¬†it. At the event they offer a lot of gifts and prizes and last year I was able to get a free pair of really cool SOFFE¬†shorts signed by Mr. SOFFE¬†himself. My team is awesome and we are really working hard to perfect our skills.¬†Just like every other¬†team, we¬†are going there for one reason only – to win¬†first place and be awarded the coveted National Championship jackets. The competition is¬†going to be tough,¬†but hopefully our hard work will pay off!¬†¬†I am really looking forward to my trip in February and we are working tremendously¬†hard so that we perform at our peak. ¬†Go Lady Hillers!

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The Boston Marathon 2012 – Videos of all the runners!

Hey everyone! So usually I talk about my adventures in the entertainment world (my life on movies sets, films, etc.), my anti-bully advocacy, and sometimes even my cheerleading but for this post, ¬†I decided¬†to write about a tradition in¬† my home town¬†of Hopkinton….the Boston Marathon! It all starts in my hometown and my favorite part is cheering people on and watching all the crazy costumes. When I was small I would sit on my Dad’s shoulders and the runners would Hi-Five me as I leaned into the crowd. Speaking of a crowd, we taped the entire marathon so if you ran it, check out all the videos below. Oh – and I forgot to mention¬†the other fun part of the marathon – when people throw off their outer clothes – this year I was lucky and had a very cool blazer land right by me. Yes, I scooped it up! If you ran the Boston Marathon today, you should be able to find yourself in one of the videos below. Enjoy the show and for more information about me, click on the picture right¬†below the videos. Enjoy!! ~Meredith Prunty


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Red Carpet Premier of “The Brand UR” anti-bullying clothing line

  1. On Saturday, Feb.25, 2012,¬†I was a guest speaker at the Red Carpet event for the “Brand UR”. The above picture is me posing for a photo with the owner and creator of the The Brand UR¬†,¬†Jodi LaFountain. The brand UR was founded and based on our line called popUlaR. The U and R in popUlaR were designed to be highlighted in the word making a statement by all that wore it as they were representing that UR popUlaR ….. that EVERYONE IS POPULAR! www.thebrandur.com. What was great about this opportunity is that I was able to speak out to a crowd of about 300 about why we all need to work togther to stop bullying.
I wasn’t the only¬†guest ¬†that took time to be there – others were Raiko¬†Bowman, star of “The Hunger Games” movie (She plays Peeta’s Mom)and “Toddlers & Tiaras” star Paisley Dicky. Talent manager Blake Woodruff flew in from NYC to support this event as did actress Elizabeth Percy who speaks out against bullying.
 There were so many wonderful people there Рit was great to see everyone stand together against bullying. Some of the highlights of the event were:
 The Brand UR Fashion Show
Song writer Shawn Lopes with The Brand UR’s
VERY OWN SONG called “popUlaR”
 Performance from The New Generation Dance Crew
Chocolate Fondue Bar
Cash Bar
& DJ Dance Party!
Click on the image below for Television News coverage of this event!



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2011 Top 5 Most Watched News Videos – Amazing!

I received word that the news video that HCAM (Local Boston Station – Hopkinton) did on¬†me was one of the top 5 watched videos for all of 2011! This is amazing news and I appreciate everyone being interested in my career as an actress, student, cheerleader, volunteer and anti-bully advocate. Click on the picture below and it will bring you to the news article. ūüôā

Summary of the HCAM Top Five most watched videos can be found here:


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New #Cheerleading uniforms!!!

I attached a quick clip of me and my team cheering at a recent High School football game. I love cheering at the games and it is fun to have the crowd cheer with us.¬†One of my favorite quotes is: “In other sports, if you miss the catch, all you drop is the ball” ¬†In cheerleading, it is important to always be focused. I am a “Base” so my responsibility is to ensure that our “flyer” is secure and safe. We need to always work together as a team and it helps to be strong.¬† I hope you enjoy the video clip! ūüôā

Yes I’m a cheerleader, yes I’m an athlete, yes im a girl, gotta problem with that? ūüôā

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Breaking Entertainment News!

HCAM News did a  TELEVISION  Interview with me. I was thrilled to speak about the subject of bullying, NOH8, cheerleading  and all the fun I have been having in the Entertainment World. Click on the picture below to view!

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