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2011 – a year in Review :)

A year ago I gave this blog as a present to myself. A lot has happened in a year most of which I have captured here in 41 posts, videos and pictures. I appreciate everyone reading and commenting and never would I guess that this blog would have generated close to 10,000 views. I put together a year in review video. I hope you enjoy it. I also have to give credit to my Momanager (a term used to describe a Mom who is also a Manager). She has helped me with all the administrative details on this blog, my facebook fan page, Youtube, Twitter and my IMDb page.  Happy Holidays everyone and lets all have a wonderful 2012! ~Meredith


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Pictures, videos and more on my website – plus a new anti-bully zone!

Hey everyone – click on the picture and it will bring you to my web page. There is a lot of fun information including my latest pictures, videos and news about my adventures in the Entertainment Industry. 

There are also  links to my IMDb, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media sites and  I  just added a new “No Bully Zone” which includes helpful information AND my favorite NO Bully video – can you guess what it is?

Click and find out 🙂

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What do you think of my first “Demo Reel”?

An actors “Demo Reel” is a very short film clip  that showcases an actors talents and helps convince the casting agents and producers to hire them. I have been waiting  patiently for enough of my movies  to be released so that I can create my first  “Demo Reel” but as of this writing there is just not enough film footage yet. That being said, I decided to create a very small demo reel just for the purpose of showing how I look on camera. This was a fashion shoot that I did for a production called “Chop Chicks”. I hope you enjoy it and I hope to have a demo reel with more substance in the next few months or so. Please let me know what you think by commenting below. Thanks ~Mere


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Discover New Stars! Up-and-Comers on IMDb & I made the list!

As reported on www.Discovernewstars.com:

Find the rising stars of the film and television industry right here! The actors listed below are often unknown, but they’re becoming increasingly popular. These actors have steadily improving STARmeters and Likes on their IMDb page. These are working actors, fighting to make it in a tough industry. Support them on their way. Click to view IMDb!

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My STARmeter and what does it mean?

The International Movie Database  (IMDb) is important to actors. The STARmeter  is a ranking system on IMDb, and it is updated weekly. The ranking system was created and is managed by IMDb and they alone determine how every movie and actor are ranked based upon a complicated equation. For example – this week the new Harry Potter movie “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:  Part 1 (2010) was just released and it shot to the number one position. The key actors Emma Watson,  Daniel Radcliffe, Bill Nighy, and Richard Griffiths (to name a few) also are in the top actor slots this week.

So how does IMDb affect me and how can you help?

Each time someone visits a person’s IMDb page it has a positive effect on that person’s STARmeter.  So, any time someone goes to the IMDb page to Like it, that action automatically has a positive effect on the STARmeter because it involves a new  page view. Also. the number of views  on my IMDb page week after week and get the positive effect each time.  So VIEW away!

Of Course the most important thing is being in movie -which is the fun part as I love to act.  All credits are good but the big budget  movies really bump up the rating. I have a few of those types of movies that are going to be added to my list soon but are not on there as of yet.

When I had my first movie posted last year, I was ranked at 356,987. Now my rank varies from 22,000 to 25,000.  My goal is to break the top 10,000 this year. With another movie and a little help from my friends – it might just happen! 

P.S. If you have an IMDb account – posting on my page helps. If you post on my page a comment – I will return the favor. Thanks!


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