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“No Bully Zone” Shane Graham and Meredith Prunty team up to spread the anti-bully message

On Sat., June 23, I was able to speak out against bullying at the Splash Ultra Lounge in Boston Massachusetts. It was a great event where I was one of the  celebrity guest speakers along with

Splash Ultra Lounge Anti-Bully Event and Fashion Show

my friend and anti-bully advocate Shane Graham. Together we spread the word that bullying can be stopped and it starts with everyone committing to  zero tolerance. We were also invited to participate in the fashion show and wear some of the top Boston designer outfits while walking the runway. The event was a huge success with ‘Fast’ Freddy Murphy from Mix104.1 CBS Radio hosting and several photographers (WG Digital Images and Mike Egan Photography) and magazine editors from “Isabels” and “Original Living” coming out in support. I have attached the “Press Write-up” as well as some of the pictures from the event. 

Press Release:

Meredith Prunty, 16 year old actress and anti-bully advocate is relentless in her quest to raise awareness about bullying. Meredith is currently one of the busiest young actresses in the New England area with over 13 movies to her credit including role as “Young Lacey” in the movie “Mark of the Dog Rose” and her recent appearance on the films    “Grown Ups 2” and “BackMask”. Despite her busy schedule, Meredith makes it a priority to speak out at every opportunity about bullying. Meredith feels that teens need to stop teens. Being a bystander is not acceptable including when it comes to cyber bullying which is on the rise. No stranger to the media, Meredith has appeared on numerous television interviews, newspaper articles and national publications where she tenaciously spreads the anti-bullying message. In addition, Meredith gained global recognition for her poignant performance as the “Bleeder” in Michael and Marisa’s wildly successful “The Same” anti-bully music video which was seen on sites such as Yahoo! and PBGGoKids. Thousands of fans follow Meredith on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites creating tremendous social media presence which she uses to effectively promote and communicate anti-bullying awareness. Her loyal fans help Meredith spread the anti-bullying message. A recent article in VIV magazine was shared over 5,000 times and  HCAM news director Michelle Murdock reported that their recent story covering Meredith’s speech at “The Brand UR” rally was the most watched video 3 months in a row. For additional information or requests for interviews please visit Meredith’s website at http://www.meredithprunty.com where links to article, current events and anti-bulling news and contact information can be found.





Shane Graham-Bevis, is a 14 year old teen advocate against anti-bullying. At some point in our lives everyone has been bullied, called names or picked on. For some it ends, but for others it does not, it is those victims. Shane reaches out to. Shane was once a victim and stood up for himself and feels it is the only way to end bullying. Shane has done a lot to promote awareness and has been in numerous articles including front page of the Lowell Sun Newspaper, television , radio. In addition, Shane has done numerous public speaking engagements, flash mobs, spoke before the Mayor of Lowell and School committee and  modeled to raise awareness about the long term effects bullying has on people, and the numerous ways it can affect adulthood. Shane has attended festivals and passed out information, sold t-shirts, posters and other products related to Shane’s Anti-bullying Program. Shane recently became a nonprofit and acquired a EIN number and have developed a team of kids that have all been bullied in the past and help with his program and dance in our rap.



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No Bully Zone Summer Splash

Hey everyone! I attached the PR announcement for another anti-bullying event I will be speaking at. All the details are listed below.  Hope you can join us!


Contact: Cynthia Hudson Email: cjhudson22@aim.com
Telephone: 603-320-0552
Fax: 603-886-0758
As the community is well aware, bullying still affects thousands of children and teens today. As an ongoing awareness, Mystique Model and Talent Management has teamed up with a group of local designers and Splash Ultra Lounge for a fundraiser on June 23rd, 2012. to benefit a NO BULLY ZONE. The event will take place 7:30 pm- 10:30 pm at Splash Ultra lounge at 150 Kneeland Street in Boston, MA.
We will honor three people who have set out to make it their business to put a stop to bullying. They are drawing from their own personal experiences to become leaders in this initiative.
Our first honoree is Shane Graham. Shane is a 14 year old boy from Lowell, MA who has been featured in local newspapers and TV shows. He has been honored by the Mayor of the City of Lowell and members of Congress for his NO BULLY ZONE and for his tireless efforts.
Our second honoree is Jennifer Ferris. Jennifer is Ms. New York International 2012. Jennifer is proud to be the New York co-director for Bully Police USA which is a program that is urging lawmakers to adopt anti-bullying legislation to protect children. Bully Police USA also educates the public about prevention and how to take a stand to stop bullying. Jennifer also enjoys being a national spokesperson for NAMI ( National Awareness Mental Illness) working towards improving forces and resources for those suffering with mental illness and their families through education, advocacy and support.
Meredith Prunty is our third honoree. A native of Boston, Meredith is an actress and anti-bully advocate. She won global recognition for her poignant performance in Michael and Marisa’s anti-bully music video “The Same.” Appearing on sites such as Yahoo!kids and PBSGoKids, “The Same” music video launched Meredith’s acting career. Meredith was so touched by playing the one being bullied that she made it her mission to speak out about bullying at every opportunity. She has had several TV, magazine and newspaper interviews, where Meredith speaks about the need to spread awareness about bullying. Meredith has a large fan base that continues to grow as people follow her anti-bullying activities.
Food and location is being donated by Splash Ultra Lounge. Also joining in the festivities will be Mystique Model and Talent Management models and designers such as Suki Jones, Julie Kontos, Eileen Apelian, Isabel Lopez and Lindsay Lee, who will also be donating their time. This can’t help but be an enjoyable evening.
Please come out and take a stand to make a difference on Saturday June 23, 2012 at 7:30 pm to Splash Ultra Lounge- 150 Kneeland Street – Boston, MA. All proceeds will be split amongst these campaigns. Tickets can be purchased at http://nobullyzonesummersplash.eventbrite.com
We look forward to working with you and making a difference.

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