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Chop Chicks – a ridiculously funny Webisode and…I am in it!

Not only do I play Cocoa – one of the three super cool Chop Chicks but somehow we end up with magical powers and have outrageous fights with really bad thugs and (rumor has it) perhaps even a big ugly Troll! We shot Episode One, Two and Three over the last 2 weeks and the production provided me with a few stills. I also attached the link to the Chop Chicks Facebook page (Click –>> Blue Chop Chicks Poster). More updates coming to this post as I receive more info. It has been really a lot of fun on the set with my fellow Boston Bean Teens – I am really looking forward to seeing the webisodes and I hope they make a BLOOPER tape, OMG! We laughed so hard! Ashley Jermaine (Sunflower) and Karli Rose Watson (Diamond) are pictured below with me (Cocoa). Together we make up the Chop Chicks! I will post the episodes as they come available. 🙂

 Here is Teaser#1


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